Located within Dr. Langer & Associates Medical Center | 180 Sandalwood Pkwy E. Brampton, ON, L6Z-1Y4 | Tel: 905-846-9255



“I was tired of the salons and sales pitches. Dr. Gupta was different. He told me straight up what would work and what wouldn’t. Removing my all my facial blemishes and using their product suggestions made me look and feel a decade younger.” LD


“My moles got taken off my face with amazing results.”DM


“I went to a few fancy places for skin care and always felt they were pushy. This clinic was a true find that not many people know of.” JP


“If you want treatments that work, this is the place to go.” GP


“I did Botox & Juvederm at this clinic and Dr. Gupta was very gentle and professional. I would recommend him to my friends.” DC


“Yorkville cosmetic treatments at Brampton prices.” AD


“The laser treatments done at this clinic were relatively pain-free and very fective. Kim (the advanced laser aesthetician) is very experienced and makes you feel at home. I felt that I was in good hands as there were medical doctors and a Dermatologist at the clinic.” LL


“I always worried about laser treatments, but this place knew what they were doing. Prices were also cheap. I have good look and good skin now.” SF